How do organizational contexts and networks affect teamwork and collaboration?

My research

My research asks How do organizational contexts and networks affect teamwork and collaboration? I take a multi-level approach to studying:

  • how diverse teams and organizations can effectively work together

  • how policies affect organizational members

  • how organizational infrastructure affects research collaborations

  • how external environments affect team coordination and teamwork

My research aims to make visible relationships that are often taken for granted or hidden, to build communication theory, and to provide practical information for supporting teams and organizations as they work together across boundaries. On the left, you'll see a quick overview of findings from recent publications.

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Communicating and Navigating Differences on Diverse Teams.pdf

Selected Publications

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Ruge-Jones, L., Barley, W. C., Wilson, S. R., Macswain, C., Johnson, L., Everett, J.*, & Poole, M. S. (accepted). Activated differences: A qualitative study of how and when differences make a difference on diverse teams. Management Communication Quarterly.

Pilny, A. N., Ruge-Jones, L., & Poole, M. S. (accepted). A tutorial for modeling the evolution of network dynamics for multiple groups. Frontiers in Human Dynamics-Social Networks.

Barley, W. C., Ruge-Jones, L., Wissa, A., Suarez, A. V., & Alleyne, M. (2022). Addressing diverse motivations to enable bioinspired design. Integrative and Comparative Biology.

Wilson, S. R., Barley, W. C., Ruge-Jones, L., & Poole, M. S. (2022). Tacking amid tensions: Using oscillation to enable creativity in diverse teams. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 58(1), 5-28.